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Webster's Dictionary

"the removal or reducing of something that is painful or unpleasant"

Business Debt Relief

You Owe Others,

Because Others Owe You!

It all flows downhill.  You have a customer that is a slow pay, and that has gotten you behind with your vendors.  We'll work with that customer so that you get paid, and then you can get back on track with your vendors.

Critical Vendors

You have those vendors that if they stop supplying you, you're out of business! We call these companies Critical Vendors, and we will work to ensure that they will continue to supply you - no matter what.

Let Us Take Care Of Those Past Due Accounts Payable...

You're getting calls from vendors that you owe money to.  Accounts payable in the 90 day plus column are getting bigger and bigger. Some of your more important vendors are threatening to cut you off if you don't become current on what you owe them.  Let us help!  We can work with your vendors and settle your accounts without jeopardizing your relationships with them. We've saved clients up to 80%, we could do the same for you.

Protecting Your

Vendor Relationships