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3728 W. River Drive NE

Comstock Park, MI 49321 

Phone: 616-421-8200

Welcome to Task Advisors, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Task Advisors are business solution partners who specialize in filling the gaps for small businesses.  Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Task Advisors can help companies eliminate the need for additional overhead by outsourcing basic functions.  This allows the company to focus on their core competency.

It is no secret that, in order to become more productive, the best companies in the world see the need to be faster, smarter and more adaptable.  At times, companies may feel like there are too many obstacles preventing them from achieving the success they desire.

With our services companies have the opportunity to upgrade the quality of their accounting, IT, and purchasing departments while cutting costs! By using our services companies can replace the wages, payroll taxes, fringe benefits, worker’s compensation insurance, employee training and management, accounting software, office space and other costs associated with an in-house employee. Your costs could be reduced up to 40%!

Change can be hard, but it can also get you back on the right track.  Task Advisors provides complete and sustainable solutions for small to mid-sized businesses and large corporations.

Let us show you how to embrace change and create a positive business environment that will move your company forward.  

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